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Ocotober 2006 ACTION ALERT

  Title:Support Feedin’ Folks Time Frame: 1 Months Plan of Action: Contribute financial support and resources towards the Feedin’ Folks program in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Purpose of Action: Every Sunday and major holiday, Brother Pow’wah and Sister Phu’cha feed the homeless and less fortunate of Memphis, TN with their aid organization, Feedin’ Folks. These two […]

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Message From Exile 

Message From Exile (Written by Nehanda Abiodun) Carry it on now. An Excerpt from “Life Underground” By Nehanda Abiodun in BLU 9 In the past I’ve resisted writing what it means to be underground, using security as an excuse, not wanting to give my enemies any more information than they already had. But I was […]

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