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Rap On The Run

Rap On The Run (Written by Ron Sharp) Rap On The Run. Wanted by the FBI for black activism in the States, Nehanda Abiodun fled to Havana, where she became the “godmother of Cuban hip-hop” Outside a run-down apartment block in the eastern suburbs of Havana, a group of teenagers plays football in the street. […]

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Message From Exile 

Message From Exile (Written by Nehanda Abiodun) Carry it on now. An Excerpt from “Life Underground” By Nehanda Abiodun in BLU 9 In the past I’ve resisted writing what it means to be underground, using security as an excuse, not wanting to give my enemies any more information than they already had. But I was […]

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Nehanda Abiodun Story

Nehanda Abiodun Story (Written by Nehanda Abiodun) Carry it on now. Nehanda Isoke Abiodun, is a name that I am proud to have for many reasons. My first and last name were given to me by very close comrades on my 30th birthday and when Zimbabwe was fighting for its independence. Nehanda was a spiritualist […]

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