Pan-Afrikan Hurricane Aid Project
 Pan-Afrikan Hurricane Aid Project

Time Frame: 1 Month (Considering the seriousness of this alert we are asking you to continue to donating to this alert as often as possible throughout the year)

Plan of ActionRaise $15,000 for Pan-Afrikan organizations who are providing direct aid to Afrikans impacted by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Also facilitate the donation of $15,000 non-monetary donations like clothes, food, water, and transportation services in the following cities: Atlanta, St. Louis and Houston, which will then be transported to affected cities.

Purpose of Action100,000s of families that have been impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will need assistance for as long as year. In some cases, longer. They will not only need basic emergency assistance (which is defined here as clothes, food, water), but they will also need various social services that provide job and housing referrals, transportation, family counseling, and small financial assistance. The purpose of this action is to support Afrikan-run organizations that have the desire, ability to support dislocated families and have expressed a willingness to report their activities to those that make donations of money, goods or services. These organizations will have lower overhead costs and are interested in our people beyond politics and headlines, unlike other large organizations like Red Cross, WorldVision, UNChildren etc.

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