Ocotober 2006 ACTION ALERT


 Title:Support Feedin’ Folks
Time Frame:
 1 Months

Plan of Action: Contribute financial support and resources towards the Feedin’ Folks program in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Purpose of Action: Every Sunday and major holiday, Brother Pow’wah and Sister Phu’cha feed the homeless and less fortunate of Memphis, TN with their aid organization, Feedin’ Folks. These two Africans dedicate their time, while also maintaining various businesses, to help Afrikan people. They collect donations from companies and individuals year round in order to contribute their energy and resources into distributing cooked foods, fresh fruits and vegetables to disadvantaged people in the community.

The Feedin’ Folks program offers an opportunity for us to reach out and directly assist individuals in our community in developing and supporting one another through charitable contributions.

Supporting these efforts makes it possible for the Feedin’ Folks program to continue in the work of feeding and clothing the disadvantaged Afrikans of Memphis, TN.

Afrikans account for nearly 63% of the total population of Memphis Tennessee, where as of 2004, approximately 38% of children under the age of 18 live below the poverty level, while nearly 25% of all people live below the poverty level. (2004 Census)

Founded by Bro. Pawwa and Sis. Pu’cha, Feedin’ Folks has been helping Afrikans since 19–??. Since then is has become a joint effort with the musical duo Brotha’s Keeper (J’malo Torriel and Ed Brittenum), who aids in providing community services for the Memphis area.  Brotha’s Keeper also operates a program called Youth Prison Prevention, Over 600 young people in the Memphis area have been positively affected by this program.  Brotha’s Keeper is also responsible for the Summer Youth Theatre, which spotlights the varying talents of Memphis area youth, as well as an annual coat drive during the winter season.

With our joint effort we can help continue to feed, cloth, and educate African people in Tennessee!

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